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Rebecca SP Page Avatar
Rebecca SP Page
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G R Avatar
Excellent work. Matthew and Andrew and the team are nice people. Fair pricing. Good clean up. Highly recommend.
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Kim Kneeland Avatar
Kim Kneeland
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Frank Anaya Avatar
Frank Anaya
Team was very professional and did a great job.
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C. Janas Avatar
C. Janas
Matt and Max are wonderful to deal with! I am so pleased with the fine quality of work this company gives. Please consider them for your next painting job you will be so pleased!!
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Sharon Pole Avatar
Sharon Pole
Great service and work!
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Tony M Avatar
Tony M
I have been in the remodeling industry for 35 years. It is hard to find painters who know what they're doing; Matt and his crew are Professionals. I highly recommend them, and we'll use them on all my projects. Slaviks Painting Knows its product and techniques to get the job done. Thanks for all your hard work. A-Top Remodeling Inc
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Gina Pusateri Avatar
Gina Pusateri
Awesome job. I highly recommend, Matt is very nice and professional and same for his workers. Love my kitchen and bathroom.
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Helen Terleckyj Avatar
Helen Terleckyj
The 5 stars were not given because their work was 100% perfect. It was given because the imperfections that were found after they left, in our case some small dings in the walls that did not get patched initially, was remedied ASAP and with an attitude of eagerness to make things right. We were never made to feel that our issues were an inconvenience to them. The older we get the less we seek perfection but absolutely appreciate good customer service. And Slaviksโ€™s delivered.
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Charles Janet Avatar
Charles Janet
Matt and crew did a fabulous job on our 8 antique, intricate wood design, dining room chairs. Perfect finish, exactly what we wanted. He communicated clearly, asking questions about what we wanted, offering expert advice, and followed through. Appointments were timely, which is not always the case with other contractors in our experience. His quote comparable and sometimes better than other quotes. We definitely recommend Slaviks Painting.
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Amanda Moore Avatar
Amanda Moore
Very happy with the final product. Matt and his team did great work. The guys were so friendly and funny. We spent the day discussing a variety of celeb gossip and they were very friendly with my overly nosy cat who kept climbing their ladders. Nevertheless, my dining room, kitchen and basement stairwell were a bright blue which drove me nuts and they were able to paint match my millennial grey living room and extend it over. It absolutely changed the whole vibe of my house! THANK YOU!
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Lisa Christiansen Avatar
Lisa Christiansen
Mattโ€™s quote beat everyone and the work was impeccable! My kitchen cabinets came out as if they were brand new. Cannot recommend them enough!
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Merle Silverstein Avatar
Merle Silverstein
Customer service is alive and well with Matt Slavik and his team. From the beginning of my project to the end, they showed great professionalism, worked as a team every day, all had incredible eye to detail, while showing their talent as true artists. The walls, ceilings, doors, moldings look absolutely amazing. Thank you everyone for a job well done.
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Nancy Lejman Avatar
Nancy Lejman
My husband and I are exceedingly happy with the job done by Slavikโ€™s Painting and Decorating. They updated several rooms in our home by taking down old wallpaper, patching some minor cracks and painting both the walls and ceilings. They were here every day right on time and kept us informed if anything changed with the schedule. It was a pleasure to find such courteous people working in our home and without hesitation we would hire them again!
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Kelly O'Malley Avatar
Kelly O'Malley
Utilized Matt and team to complete some drywall repairs and painting. They were all so easy to work with, flexible and accommodating. I would rehire them again without hesitation.
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Renee Kohler Avatar
Renee Kohler
What a pleasure working with Matt and his team! Mattโ€™s communication from our request of a quote, to his estimate, and everything in between was always very punctual and clear. Matt communicated with us almost daily on status and any questions he had. He and his team went above and beyond preparing our home for painting, and putting it back together once complete! Matt also offered his expertise recommendations when asked. We are very happy and satisfied with the outcome! Thank you, Matt and Slaviks Painting!
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David Edward Avatar
David Edward
Very professional interior paint job. Extensive drywall work done perfectly, Paint work was outstanding. Nice crew of workers. Easy to deal with & on time. We would highly recommend them.
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Nicole Nash Avatar
Nicole Nash
Very easy to work with. They came out right away and helped get 2 bathrooms quoted and painted. There work is really good and I recommend them to anyone.
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Cecelia Hoffmann Avatar
Cecelia Hoffmann
My 60 year old house looks brand new. Slaviks did a wonderful job. I appreciate how careful they were moving my furniture. I would highly recommend Slaviks for a quality paint job.
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Bryan Mraz Avatar
Bryan Mraz
Polite, punctual, excellent job.
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Patricia Hite Avatar
Patricia Hite
Matt gave a great quote and work began shortly after that. Painters took their time to produce wonderful results we are very happy with their work. Colors were a light grey and light vanilla perfect neutral tones! My home looks so fresh and new! I recommend Slavikโ€™s painting for your next project.
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Melissa Chael Avatar
Melissa Chael
I am very happy with this company. Matt was always quick to respond to any calls. They would always show at the time said, and the walls look brand new. I am so happy with this company. Would definitely recommend them and use them for future projects
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Jimbo der Grosse Avatar
Jimbo der Grosse
Responsive, quick, and good work. Would contract again if I need it
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Miranda Volanti Avatar
Miranda Volanti
I recently had my home painted by Slavik's Painting, and I am extremely satisfied with the results! The team was professional, skilled, and efficient from the beginning to the end. They paid attention to every detail and ensured that the job was done perfectly. The quality of their work exceeded my expectations, and my home now looks stunning! If you're looking for painting services, I highly recommend them. Thank you, Slavik's Painting, for transforming my home!
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Fred Leonard Avatar
Fred Leonard
Matt repaired ceiling drywall - Excellent and conscientious work! I learned about Matt's business via Facebook and contacted him regarding a small drywall repair job; ceiling area above kitchen sink. I had had the window replaced and we are installing different/multiple light fixtures. Matt quoted the job via photos and we discussed how I should prepare for his visit. When Matt arrived; we reviewed the job, Matt covered the floor & counters, he removed the old wallboard, installed new, 'mudded', sanded and cleaned-up. While a very small job - Matt approached and completed the job with interest and attention to detail. Matt was 'more than fair' regarding the pricing. When possible, I prefer to hire folks for small jobs prior to larger jobs. Based upon Matt's workmanship, I requested he quote additional repair/painting jobs at my residence. We are very happy with the results!
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James Vollmann Avatar
James Vollmann
great detail.
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Karissa Kerber Avatar
Karissa Kerber
Slaviks was recommended to me on a FB group of people in my city. Matt came out the day I called and gave me an estimate that came in much more reasonable than the other companies. He was able to get the job done quick and his painter even informed me when he noticed mold in my ceiling. They did an excellent job on the first project and came and repaired the ceiling not long after. It looks good as new. We will definitely be calling Slaviks for more work in the future!
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Kyle SP Page Avatar
Kyle SP Page
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Jack SP Page Avatar
Jack SP Page
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Tom Janus Avatar
Tom Janus
Matt did a great job. I was impressed with the quality of work. He is responsive and punctual. I highly recommend him. I will use him on our next project.
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Gino DeRango Avatar
Gino DeRango
Very happy to have Matt and Andrew. Received their name from a referral. They were a pleasure to work with and did an awesome job! Friendly, great work, great service and accommodative in their scheduling for us. (Navigating a bathroom remodel and the holidays!) I highly suggest you give them a shot. We will be calling them for our future painting needs!!
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Nancy Dow Avatar
Nancy Dow
Outstanding work, I had kitchen cabinets refinished and repainted. They look brand new.
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Lina Loncar Avatar
Lina Loncar
Finding a good, reliable, and reasonable contractor has been extremely difficult to find to say the least. I secured 4 quotes, from four companies/contractors. Slavikโ€™s was the only one that provided a full professional quote, reasonable prices, with detailed work to be performed. Matt came out the same day I called, walked through the house, and provided a formal quote that evening. Once we scheduled the date, Matt and his team came out, spent the first few days prepping all the areas that needed to be patched, covered all our personal belongings, and moved the furniture as needed. The team was always punctual, courteous, and clean. The team was so precise and diligent in everything they did. They never left a mess, cleaned up wherever and whenever they needed to. Honestly, they did a phenomenal job that exceeded our expectations in painting almost the entire house! They painted 12 doors, all the trim, the walls, and the ceilings! Thatโ€™s a lot of work! His price never changed, and they provided the exact paint we selected. They produced high quality results and did it so effortlessly! We would highly recommend Slavikโ€™s for your next painting project!
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Victor Piermattei Avatar
Victor Piermattei
Professional throughout. Showed up on time each day and did excellent work with great attention to detail. They take a tremendous amount of pride in their work and it shows. Will be using Matt and his crew for any future painting projects.
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alyssa Militello Avatar
alyssa Militello
Matt was very prompt, said would start at 7 am, was at the door at 659. Took very good care of protecting floors and couch that could not be moved. Cpompleted the job as advertised. Very pleased with quality of job! Thanks Matt and team!
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Osvaldas Idas Avatar
Osvaldas Idas
Slavik's Painting rescued my home from a previous paint job gone wrong, and I couldn't be happier with the results! They exhibited top-notch craftsmanship, fixing all the errors with precision and care. What's even more impressive is their reasonable pricing โ€“ a rare find for this level of quality work. Throughout the process, Slavik and his team were punctual, professional, and communicative. If you're looking for skilled painters who deliver excellence without breaking the bank, I highly recommend Slavik's Painting. They turned a painting disaster into a masterpiece!
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Renee Johnson Avatar
Renee Johnson
Slavicโ€™s painting was very reasonable and professional. I had interior painting done and I guarantee you they did a amazing job. I am wonderfully pleased. You canโ€™t go wrong with this company.
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Jim Piske Avatar
Jim Piske
Needed some exterior paint work done in a crunch, had no idea who to reach out to. Wasn't a very big job, was worried no one would even bother. Did a local search and luckily found Slaviks. Matt from Slaviks came through for me big. Spoke with him on a Friday, he scheduled the job for Tuesday. Not only was the job professionally completed, but at very affordable prices. I cannot recommend Slaviks enough, they are my go to painting team going forward.
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jim bilek Avatar
jim bilek
The Slaviks Painting team did an excellent job painting both my interior and exterior of my house. They also did an exceptional job of patching and repairing around my windows. I would definitely use them again.
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Joseph Avatar
They are professional, courteous and neat in their work. Highly recommend.
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Lindsay Rosasco Avatar
Lindsay Rosasco
Iโ€™m so pleased with their work! We just had our office, living room, kitchen, dining room, and basement stairway painted. They were so kind, professional, friendly, and efficient. I definitely recommend and will be using them in the future.
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David Mann Avatar
David Mann
They were professional and took care of a lot of issues that needed to be resolved to complete the work. Endorsed. Full exterior ranch home painted.
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klaudia tutaj Avatar
klaudia tutaj
These guys did a great job from start to finish! Always on time, hard working and very efficient. I would highly recommend them for any painting needs.
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Kathleen Maniglia Avatar
Kathleen Maniglia
Matt and his workers were wonderful. They were very professional and caring. Their work was excellent and the results were stunning. They did a great cleanup job too and went the extra mile . Great job!
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Howard Mitchell Avatar
Howard Mitchell
Of all the five companies that I asked for quotes to do my deck by far the most responsive and the most professional quote came from Slavics. I thought their price was quite reasonable. I was very pleased with how I was kept updated on when work could be done on my deck. I was super impressed with the amount of time and effort put into preparing the deck for the stain. It took essentially all day long with power washing, sanding and adjusting some of the boards. We had a lot of rain but the owner kept me informed and I was delighted that he fit me in as soon as possible. They completed putting on two coats of stain and the deck looks great. I would highly recommend this company to anybody who needs work done from a very professional group of people.
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Tom Dougherty Avatar
Tom Dougherty
The team kept us informed of the progress each step of the way. The preparation work is excellent & the white paint for the exterior trim was carefully applied. Quality work by good folks. Thanks for a job well done!
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Tom Dock
Excellent work.
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Dorothy Michalska Avatar
Dorothy Michalska
Great Service and great price
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Craig Schneider Avatar
Craig Schneider
The team from Slaviks exceeded every expectation. Careful, thorough, detailed, and unfailingly friendly, Slaviks delivered our entire house painting project quickly and on budget. We recommend them highly and will definitely be using when we refinish the basement.
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Deana Avatar
They did a awesome job totally would recommend them very nice guys !
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Linda S Avatar
Linda S
Matt Slavik did an excellent job of painting the walls by my stairway. He took care to protect my home and worked very efficiently. He accommodated my schedule constraints and got the job done when I needed it. I would definitely hire Slavikโ€™s Painting again and would recommend them to others.
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Amy Graff
Slaviks Painting knows how to run a business! Professional, on time, & nice to deal with! So many vendors today are horrible at communicating & doing the job right. Not these guys! We have future painting projects and Slaviks will be the painters we call! Thank you for being not just good, but exceptional!
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Michaeline Spatuzza
Wish there was a higher rating. They were so professional, net, on time, trusting did a fabulous job
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Ray Hill
You canรƒยขร‚ ร‚ t go wrong by hiring this company
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Alex Dunk
I had them come paint my house while I was out of town for surgery. When I came home the house looked amazing. I would highly recommend getting your project with them.
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Diane LaCalamita
Matt and his brother were always on time, protected all my interior surfaces (cabinets, counters, light fixtures) with plastic and cleaned up completely each day. My paint result on my ceiling, walls and stairway were wonderful.
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Michelle Rohde
These guys, are polite, punctual and very fair priced. My house looked beautiful when they were finished. I will definitely call them again when I need more painting.
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Lynn Bojko Avatar
Lynn Bojko
Several factors went into my decision to choose Slavik's Painting; (1) Showed up on time to give estimate and start work. (2) Proposal out-lined exactly the work to be performed and the price was in line with described work. Found Matthew and Andrew to be very conscientious, they did an EXCEPTION JOB. I would hire this company again. So satisfied that I have already recommend them to a neighbor.
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Tina Welch Avatar
Tina Welch
Matt and his team did a fantastic job. They were professional and efficient. He made great suggestions and I will definitely use them again. I highly recommend them.
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